Google App is the cloud computing resource from Google where you can use their infrastructure for your web applications. You need to upload your data on Google App Engine Server and that is ready to use. It started in April 2008 with the free quota of 500MB to each user.

GoogleAppEngine_0Now Google App Engine is going to be commercial with the option to add addition memory and resources for your web application. According to the Google App Engine blog, the free quota will also be reduced in coming 90 days and it is supposed that it will be around ~200MB but the number of page views per month which is currently 5 million will continue to be free after the 90 days announcement. Google came up with the price list for the additional resources which are mentioned below,

Price List for Google App Engine (additional resource)

  • $0.10 per CPU core hour. This covers the actual CPU time an application uses to process a given request, as well as the CPU used for any Datastore usage.
  • $0.10 per GB bandwidth incoming, $0.12 per GB bandwidth outgoing. This covers traffic directly to/from users, traffic between the app and any external servers accessed using the URLFetch API, and data sent via the Email API.
  • $0.15 per GB of data stored by the application per month.
  • $0.0001 per email recipient for emails sent by the application
  • The below mentioned video will explain you the App Engine Billing in a proper way,

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