chat_in_hindi3 If you want to chat with your friends in Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu and you have a Gmail ID with you then go ahead and do that by using Google Translation Feature.

No need to add any bot or something, just type the sentence on a new mail (Compose mail) in that language and copy the same on chat box. Send that sentence to your friend.

How to write an email in Indian languages

First of all open a new mail to compose and then type every sentence in your language on that window. That will automatically got translated in your local language (selected from the list),


Paste the sentence into your chat box. Press “Enter” to send that to your friend.


I chatted with my sister in Marathi and now She also feel great in expressing her emotions in her own language. So now you can also enjoy to express you feeling in your own language using this technique.

For other languages chat, you will have to add a new friend called “Translate Bot” in your friend list and send your chat sentence to him. He will reply you with the translated sentence so that you can send the same to your friend or family.

I will provide the list of “Translation Bot” on Internet Techies ASAP.


I hope you liked the post and will get benefitted in your daily life and work.

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