analytics_browser_visitors As IE6 is now outdated and many designer faced maximum problem with IE6 for getting desired output from the designs. Now IE6 is out and IE7 is here, even IE8 is also here. But if you still want to check how many visitors of your website is using Internet Explorer 6 browser to browse your website or blog then use Google Analytics for that.

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Google Analytics is traffic and content analysis resource from Google where you can see the data related to your visitors and traffic from keywords.

To checkout how many people are using IE6 for your website or bog, go to the “Visitors” section at the left hand side of your Google Analytics page and click on “Browser Capabilities” under that. Click on Browsers and then you can see the distribution of visitors who browsed your website using different browsers.

Report: Browser Capabilities


Click on “Internet Explorer” and then you can see the distribution of visitors from different versions of Internet Explorer. Which means you can see the distribution of those who browsed your blog or website using IE6, IE7 and IE8.

Report: Distribution Of Internet Explorer users


Data Related To Internet Techies:

Here you can see that 34.94% IE users uses IE6 for visiting “Internet Techies” in a week time. Most of them are upgrading to IE7 and that’s why that is having a percentage of 46.43%. This way you can check the traffic report for IE6 user using Google Analytics.

Update: Most of the visitors of “Internet Techies” uses Firefox (52%).

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