Google Webmaster Tool got Labs feature where you can do couple of more things related to SEO and status of your blog or website. Webmaster team has recently updated the Webmastertool LabsWebmaster tool by adding lot many new things and now they added Labs feature. Here are the two features currently added into Google Webmaster Tool.

  1. Fetch as Google
  2. Malware Detection

Fetch as Google is the feature where you can see your verified website similar to the way Google does. We earlier talked about the Lynx browser which can be used to do the same but now Google added this feature for your owned website. Lynx will not die because of this feature as you can see any website on Lynx in the similar way you do your own website on “Fetch as Google” under Webmaster Tool. I checked it with “Internet Techies” and got a long HTML showing all the added contents including Smooth Slider Featured posts which are not thrown by JavaScript, Here is the screenshot for the same.

Fetch as Google

Malware Detection is very important tool added by Google under Webmaster Tool. Initially Google team used to notify the Webmaster thru Webmaster Tool about the Malware infection on sites but now they have added the tool to keep any eye on daily basis. Click on “Malware Details” under Labs to check the current status of your site. If any Malware found, then remove or replace it on ASAP.

Malware Details

Update: Google Webmaster Tool team has also removed the PR status and Highest PR page options from Diagnostics / Crawl Status page. 

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