zoho Google Chrome Extensions are live on beta version of Google Chrome and here comes the extensions from Zoho. We all are aware that Zoho is having lot many powerful web application for different purposes where some of them really stand tall against Google and Microsoft products. Zoho released two extensions for Google Chrome which are as below:

1. Zoho Companion for Google Chrome

This is a one place companion for different services of Zoho. You can view documents from your local machine of even from Google Search Result pages. If you are logged-in with your Zoho ID and password, then this extension icon will show you the number of unread mails as well. If someone share some document with your ID then you will receive a notification o this extension icon. Here is the screenshot of this extension.

Extension gallery | Zoho Companion for Chrome


“View In Zoho” button appearing on Google Search Results Page against downloadable documents format like XLS, DOC, PDF etc


Download Zoho Companion For Google Chrome

2. Zoho Notebook Companion for Google Chrome 

Use Zoho Notebook for jotting down something special or paste some text from the web-pages opened on Chrome browser. You can save that notebook on your Zoho Notebook Account.


Zoho Notebook Extension in Action, Copy text from web page and paste on notebook and write as per your requirement,

zoho_notebook_actionDownload Zoho Notebook Extension 

Zoho Extensions Icons appearing besides the address bar of Google Chrome near Settings option,


There are lot many (~300) extensions available in Google Chrome Extension Gallery where you can also find an extension for Google Docs to view document using Google’s own online documentation platform.  In coming days, number of extensions are expected to grow by multiple times.

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