Google Analytics is an awesome tool to checkout the traffic report and to perform analysis on quality of traffic as well. Earlier we discussed how to integrate Google Analytics and Adsense to see the flow of earning thru individual posts, and now you can connect verified sites on Webmaster Tool with their analytics dashboard. Actually we use Google Webmaster Tool for SEO and sitemap submission, back-links analysis which is responsible for getting quality traffic, that’s why Google has come up with an option to link the webmaster tool with Analytics to quickly jump to the Analytics dashboard of the site for which you are analyzing the data on Webmaster tool.


Benefits of linking Analytics and Webmaster Tool

– Quickly jump to the Analytics referring page to see traffic coming from particular site where your sites link is available. You can see the number of links in Google Webmaster Tool under “Your Site on the Web ==> Links to your site”


– Quickly jump to the dashboard of the site for which you are checking the webmaster tool. For example, if you are having multiple sites listed and verified on the webmaster tool and now checking out a particular site for its performance and link building details, then if you have linked that site’s webmaster account with Analytics account then you can quickly jump to the Analytics dashboard.

– Get better analysis and reporting for individual websites

– Connect the Analytics data and Webmaster data to get better result

How to connect Webmaster Tool and Analytics for a Website

webmaster-tool-analytics-connectVery simple. Login to your Webmaster Tool and you can see list of websites verified by you. On right side of each site, you can see a link named “ Manage”. You can see “Google Analytics Profile” option as a dropdown. Select that to link these two online tools by Google.

Now you can see list of sites enrolled on Google Analytics for same login ID. That means, if you are using the same Google ID for Analytics and Webmaster Tool, you will see all the website listed on Analytics for that ID. Select the correct site name from the list to connect that with Webmaster Tool site.

If your Webmaster Tool site is not listed in Google Analytics, then first of all you will have to add your website in Google Analytics and then perform the above steps to connect those two of them.

Once you are done with the linking, then you can click on the “Analytics” link on the top-left bar and jump on the Analytics Dashboard of the site for which you are browsing the Webmaster Tool.

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