Google docs is a well known online documentation platform by Google and we know that we can create, import and publish a document say word, excel, presentations online using this application. But one of the most interesting feature of Google Docs is that, it can convert a word, excel or presentations document into PDF on single click. Sometimes we need to carry a document to some other place where you might not get the save version of Microsoft Office or other documentation platform and because of that you document will not open there. In that case, you may carry a PDF of the same document because a PDF will open as it is on any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Covert Doc into PDFTo convert a normal document into a PDF, first of all import the document on Google Docs from your computer or you may create the document over Google Docs as well. Now save the document. Now select the document by checking the box besides each document. Once selected the document from the list, go to “More actions” tab. Click on “Export as” button to export the document. Select “Save as PDF” from there. The converted PDF will be saved on your local computer.

Save PDF from Google Docs This way you can avoid other services or software for converting a document into PDF. Google Docs is a safe way to get it done. There are lot many other features available on Google Docs, you can subscribe our newsletter to get regular updates on Google Docs and other interesting tips. 

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