In this tutorial, you will see how to create a shortcut on your desktop for documents created or uploaded on Google Docs (free document authoring service by Google).

These days, most of us use Google Docs for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. For quick access, we need to have a shortcut for documents which are mostly used by us. In Microsoft Office, we used to have that document on desktop but that is not possible in case of Google Docs, as document is getting updated by others as well and that resides on Google Docs clouding servers. But you can create a shortcut for each document on Google Docs and that way you can access those documents very quickly.

To create a desktop shortcut for each document, go ahead and copy the URL of the document on Google Docs. To get the URL of a newly created document, follow the below steps.

Google Docs shortcut on desktop1. Create and save the document.

2. Now open the document from Google Docs dashboard.

3. copy the URL shown in the browser address bar

4. Come to the desktop and right click with your mouse

5. Select “New” and then “Shortcut”

6. Enter the URL of the document in the input box

7. Now provide a proper name to access the document, that name will appear on the shortcut icon

8. Done. Now you can change the icon of the shortcut by right clicking and selecting “Web Document” tab. Over there you can see “change icon” button. You can see 4 or 5 extra icons by Google to change the default Chrome icon.

You can follow the steps from step 2 for already uploaded documents. This is a simple tip to access documents residing on Google Docs. For more on Google Docs, please read tutorials below.

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