Google’s main revenue source is advertisements appearing on search engine’s result page on computers, mobile devices or tablets. In Google, the advertisers platform to get ads is known as “AdWords” and the publishers platform to publish ads on websites is known as “Adsense”. Here we are talking about making money with Google Adsense and how to create an account to start publishing those ads by Google. I am using Google Adsense since last 2 years and very much satisfied with the program. If you own a website / blog or a blogging network, thinking about trying Google Adsense, then here is the step by step guide to help you do that.

Is this right time to show Google Adsense Ads on Blog?

googleadsense-logo You can enroll for Adsense at any point whether your site is new or old and start serving ads. But I would suggest to serve no ads before getting some popularity. Popularity in terms of PageRank, Monthly Views etc. Start serving advertisements including Adsense ads after getting more than 3,000 view per day i.e. approx 100,000 view per month. Of course if you are getting this much traffic specially from search engine, your site’s PR would be at least 2 or 3.

Steps to get Google Adsense Account

Important: Google Adsense team analyzes your submission request, and may or may not approve your account.

Step 1 – First of all, you need a Google Account to sign up for Adsense program. It should be an account with ID, which means you can’t get into Google Adsense with custom domain account registered on Google. Here is a process to create Gmail account, you can try this to have a proper Google Account required for Adsense in no time.

Step 2 – Go to Google Adsense page, and provide details about yourself. I would suggest to use Mozilla Firefox for submitting the request in case you are facing any problem on Google Chrome browser. Yes, you can try that with any browser of your choice like Internet Explorer.

Step 3 – As your request has been submitted, now you will have to wait for the approval from Google Adsense team. They will verify the website submitted by you and will also see if you site fulfill the eligibility criterion provided in Google Adsense TOS. For example, you site should have content which are comfortable for read for families and people of different ages. Site should not have any explicit content or anything which may hurt the sentiment of any community of group of people.

Once your request will be approved by Google Adsense team, you will receive an email from them about the approval. Now you can sign in into Adsense page and start creating ads of different sizes and layouts.

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If you are using WordPress as blogging platform, you may try advertisement manager plugins to rotate ads automatically. You can provide Adsense ads into those plugins to rotate between Adsense and direct ads (or any other ad from different network).

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