Google Analytics is one of the most used analysis tool for traffic tracking for a website. If you are managing lot many website profiles under your Google ID and you want to share the access to your team or client for viewing the report or administrative purposes, you may assign or add his email ID on website profiles with proper access level.

To add a new user on your existing website profile on Google Analytics, login to your Google Analytics Dashboard. At the bottom of the page page, you can see “User Manager” besides “Add Website Profiles” link. There you may see “Number of user = 1” which is you only. First of all you will have to add user by providing his/her email ID. Here is the procedure to add user on a profile and provide access level:

How To Add User on Google Analytics Profile

Click on “User Manager” link on Google Analytics Settings page.


Now you will have the list of existing users for your profiles. If you are the only user for this profile then only your name and access level (Administrator) will appear in the list. On top-right corner, there is a button to add a new user. Click on “Add User” button to have user creation panel on google analytics. On User creation panel, you need to enter Gmail ID of the user and the access level. There are two access level available as a dropdown. One is to see the reports only and the other is “Administrator”. Of course, User with administrator access may access and change the things in your analytics website profiles. Now add single or multiple websites available under your profile to his/her new profile. Done!

User Creation Panel | Google Analytics

analytics_add_user Blogs with multiple authors or companies with a large marketing team may find this option helpful for tracking and managing their websites. There are options to create custom reports in Google Analytics which may be helpful for you to create and distribute reports to new users with “report only” access. You can find “Custom Report” options on Left Panel of Dashboard.

Create Custom Report | Google Analytics


Video Demo | Create Users In Analytics

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