gmail nested labels demoWe had already explained the importance of labels in Gmail for managing email effectively. And now we are going to discuss new feature where you can create nested labels to organize your emails in Inbox properly. If your emails are organized, it takes lesser time to get them back in case of emergency.

To enable Nested Labels feature in Gmail, go to “Labs” in the settings options on your Gmail dashboard. Under labs, enable “Nested Labels” feature from there and “Save Changes” from the bottom of that page. Now go to the “Labels” tab of settings window where you can create labels. If you have already create a label in your Gmail account and want to create a child label for that then here is the procedure to do the same.

Procedure to Create Nested Labels

1. Parent Label: Create a high level label as per your choice. I created “PayPal” as high level label.

2. Now I want to label PayPal transaction from one of my client named “Jack Richard”. So I will create a label as “Paypal/Jack Richard”. This will create a nested label under PayPal label.

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3. This way you can create next level of label as “PayPal/Jack Richard/Project 1”

gmail nested labels

So this is how you can store your emails in an organized way using nested labels. I have started using this feature and I am able to manage my emails effectively so that I can read and reply them ASAP to my clients as well as friends and family. You can become a Gmail Ninja by using this kind of feature in your inbox.

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