If you are a regular Internet user, then always go for iGoogle. The feature provided by iGoogle is really customisable. Once you create a Gmail account with Google, you are allowed to sigh in for iGoogle at the right hand side corner of the Google page.


Step I –> Open the link http://www.google.com

Step II –> Click on iGoogle link mentioned on the right corner of the page

Step III –> Now you can see a home page with some details, Click on the sigh in link provided on the page and use you Gmail account to login


Step IV –> Once you sign in for iGoogle, your customized iGoogle home page will open where you can add the headlines from your favourite blog or you can choose the sectors from where you need the updated information.

For example: You can click the link below and add the home page of Internet Techies on your iGoogle.

Link to add Internet Techies on iGoogle


Now you can check your Gmail, search an item, go thru the top stories, check the financial market status, get the updates on weather and many more on a single page.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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