Default look of Gmail Inbox is good but did you ever think of customizing the look of Gmail with color and image of your choice. Having a family picture or a decent wallpaper as a background of Gmail Inbox can refresh the browsing experience of your emails. It will also give your inbox an exclusive look as per your choice. Google is already having option to apply custom image as background of search engine homepage, and now it is there for Gmail. Lot many preset themes are available for Gmail since long time but now Gmail team has added an option to upload your favorite image from computer or Picasa album to make that Gmail background in custom theme.

Apply custom image and color to your Gmail Inbox

For creating a custom theme, you need to select colors and upload an image. Here is how you can proceed for creating a new custom theme for Gmail.

Login to your Gmail account and click on “Mail Settings” on top-right corner of the window. Under Settings, find the “Themes” tab and click on “Create your own theme” box. Here is the step by step process to apply a theme on Gmail.


A new window will open where you can select text and link colors for particular area. Click on any area you want to customize. A new panel in left side appear where you can select from different colors and can also upload background image for the same area. You can align the position of the image as well. For example, the area near Gmail logo is pretty clear and once you will set a nice picture aligned to left side on main area, that will look good.


Once you are done with the customization, save the work. You newly created theme will be applied after saving the same.


Enjoy your customized look of Gmail inbox.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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