Sites like Gmail, PayPal etc. save data in the browser thru Cookies. Whenever you enter your ID and Password to login into these sites, they save data in the browser and you navigate thru saved cookies. You are supposed to delete those cookies if using a public computer say in a cyber cafe. In Google Chrome, you can delete cookies for all the sites opened in past or you can also delete cookies of specific sites only (without using any Chrome Extension).

Google Chrome LogoDeleting cookies of specific sites is a step to secure financial transactions thru your own computer without closing the session for your regular use sites like Gmail and social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, so that you will not have to login again and again. But in case you are performing some financial transaction or browsing some unsafe site then you should delete the cookies of those sites to keep your system secured. In that case, you can use the available option in Google Chrome to delete specific site’s cookies only. There are few extensions available for this purpose but you don’t need to use them anymore as the latest version of Chrome is already having this feature.

How To delete cookies of specific site on Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. Go to “Settings ==> Options”. Click on “Under the hood” tab of the newly opened window.

3. Click on “Content Settings” button available on the window

4. Select “Cookies” from the list under Features on left side of the new window

5. Click on “Show cookies and other site data” button available on the window

show cookies option chrome

6. Now a new window will open where you can see a list of sites for which cookies are saved in the Chrome browser. You just need to select the site name or URL and click on “Remove” button available at the bottom of that window.

remove cookies chrome

You can delete all cookies at once from the same window as well. This way, your saved data in the browser for specific site will be deleted in few seconds only and you are ready to use the browser for other purposes. The best thing is that the cookies for your regular use sites are still there in the browser and you can use them without any issue.

Important: By following above steps, you just deleted cookies from the Chrome browser. For other browsers, you will have to delete cookies separately.

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