Google is promoting “Google Demo Slam” on the search engine home page. Actually “Demo Slam” is webpage where google is showing the demo of most of its products, and you can choose to vote for them as well. For example, under the slam navigation, you can see “Google Goggles” demo named google demo slam logo“Rushmore by Slam Force One” and on the other side “Google Translate” demo named “Extra Spicy Slam by Candace, Dana and Alana. Now you can click on “Choose Me” button below each of them to vote for any of them. Actually, thru this awesome platform, Google is promoting its different products and showcasing their demo to explain the usage of the product.

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Theme of this “Demo Slam” is really nice where you need to pick the products from the audience side and then a video will appear with demo of that product. You can also check the current champ of this demo slam (most number of votes) by clicking on the “Champs” menu. This webpage is created in Adobe Flash.

google demo slam

Here are some interesting demos of different products of Google which got most of the votes,

1. Rushmore by Slam Force One – Google Goggles

2. Google Translate Demo

Enjoy the “Demo Slam” by Google and watch lot many other demos over there.

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