We already discussed the advantages of Google Chrome over other browsers, now we are going deeper and will provide you a very handy list of some hidden features of google chrome. You can download google chrome beta latest release, but the features which we are going to talk about are available in previous beta version as well.  Without wasting much time, we start with the list of some interesting and hidden features in chrome,


Task Manager to control the CPU usage for Tabs


To control the the CPU usage and memory consumption for Chrome Tabs which you have currently opened in your Chrome browser, there is a facility available in Google Chrome to handle the situation in a better way. It is similar to the “Task Manager” of windows but here you don’t need to go to the windows task manager to close the tabs of chrome. This Task Manager is available under Developer option in Page menu of chrome. There is no doubt that chrome is the fastest browser but the crash control is also provided thru this Task Manager option. Have a look at the image below,


The Task Manager looks like as below,


Use this Task Manager to check which tab is eating the memory of your machine and then “End Process” for the culprit tab.


Inspect Element to analyze a page design


This is one of the best option provided on Chrome. Facilities available under “Inspect Element” will work as a hacking tool for Web Designers and CSS style sheet builders. Step by Step inspection for a page can be achieved thru this option,

Step 1: Open a webpage on Chrome and Right Click on the page.

Step 2: Choose the “Inspect Element” from the menu item. (at the bottom of the menu)

Step 3: A new window will open with the source code and style sheet. Hover the mouse on the code and check the webpage window at the same time. You will see that the selected DIV tag is getting highlighted on the webpage tab.   This way one can examine a webpage in a detailed way.

I opted for “clickonf5” page to inspect that,


Inspect Element option can read the JavaScript as well, so if you are working on some inbuilt JavaScript on a webpage then inspect the page and get the content or field value passed thru the Script. “JavaScript Console” and “Debug JavaScript” options are provided under Developer menu.  This option in Google is more enhanced than the inspect element option provided in Firefox thru Add-on.

Incognito Window to access the net safely


If you are a frequent visitor of a cyber cafe and need to open some secured pages containing important passwords, data or any other details then use chrome to do so. There is a facility called “Incognito Window” in Google Chrome which will let you browse the pages in cyber cafe or any other machine without any fear. The window will look like a normal browser window but the difference is in the operation. It does not store any web page for future browsing that means no history. You can browse your required web page and just close the incognito window. The keyboard shortcut for opening an incognito window is (Ctrl+Shift+N). Once you will open an incognito window, a message will appear on the same page as below,


These features are making so much buzz on developers community but I thin these are very useful for normal users as well. I hope the competitors like Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera people are using this tools of Google chrome as well.

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