Couple of weeks ago, Google added an option to export documents from Google Docs. Now they have addedExport All” feature thru which you can export all your documents on Google docs on single click. Currently the memory limit for export is 2GB which is more than sufficient for a normal user.


“Export All” option will let you download all the documents, files in single go. This options is useful for those who are having lot many documents on Docs. Google Docs Export option is different from download option as in case of export, you can choose a format like Microsoft Office, Open Office etc and then export your docs document in that format. Documents will be accessible on the selected format at the time of export. In case of download, you will get the “As It is” copy of the Docs document on your local drive.


Once you will click on “Export All” check box, it will start accumulating all your document of different formats. Then it will show you the number of documents and format dropdown to select or skip the export.

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