syncplicity System Tray Window I am a pro user of Google Docs and I simply love the features over there. Google Docs really helped me in last few months in organizing my work load. I was looking for an application which can bring the Google Docs elements like excel sheets, presentations and word documents to my desktop and synchronize the changes from there itself so that whenever I will make any changes on my desktop docs, those will be reflected on my Google Docs as well. Currently I am running a small survey for Internet Techies (feedback) and getting huge response over there. I need to check the result sheet regularly and now I can access that sheet directly from my desktop folder. It all happened because of Syncplicity.

Syncplicity is an awesome application to synchronize the files from more than one computer and manage them from anywhere using the 2 GB space provided under free offer from Syncplicity. They added “Google Docs” synchronization as well using which one can easily synchronize the Google Docs documents with any computer and then access them or upload documents from desktop folder itself.

After the installation of Syncplicity application, System Tray of your windows will start showing an icon of Syncplicity which will tell you whether the files and folder are synchronized. You can see the above attached picture showing the same on my computer.

How to Add and Synchronize Google Docs

  • Register yourself on Syncplicity
  • Download the Syncplicity Personal Application which is free of cost  and Install that on your computer using the same Email ID and Password
  • You may share any folder from your computer for synchronization. For example My Documents, Desktop etc. Or you may choose to have a New Folder and Share that only
  • Now go to “My Syncplicity” to synchronize Google Docs
  • On “My Syncplicity” window, you can see “Google Docs” on navigation bar, Click on that
  • Link and authorize your google docs account which you want to synchronize with desktop folder
  • Done. Leave the system for couple of hours as it takes time to get the files on desktop folder. After 6 – 7 hours (may change), all your google docs documents will appear on “My Syncplicity” under assigned folder and they will also appear on your desktop folder

Screenshot of this app will help you understand the synchronization

Google Docs Synchronization Windows – Syncplicity

syncplicity - Google Docs Synchronization

My Syncplicity showing Google Docs Files

 My syncplicity window showing Google Docs elements

Desktop Folder showing Synchronized Files

Desktop Folder synchronized with Google Docs and showing Google Docs Files

Share your experience of using Google Docs and Syncplicity. You may share any other application which you are using for Google Docs Synchronization with your computer folder.

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