geemail_logo Geemail is an Adobe AIR based tool to grab the Gmail Inbox offline and will show your mails without Internet Connection. Earlier we talked about Google gears for this functionality, but Geemail is faster than gears in downloading the mails. It fetched my ~2500 mails within 4 to 5 minutes. We will talk about the installation process, pros and cons of this tiny tool.

The looks and feel of Geemail is similar to Gmail. Have a look on the first screen of Geemail where it has started fetching my mails from Gmail Inbox.


Installation process:

The installation process of this tool is very simple. You need to download the Geemail setup (~900KB), and then start the installation. The very first screen of installation will be as below,

geemail1Go ahead and click on the “Install” button. The next screen will ask you for your Gmail ID and password which will be used for fetching your original Gmail mailbox.

geemail2 Once you enter the User ID and password, a welcome window will open where you can check your mail offline, since this is the first time you opened the Geemail that’s why the tool will start downloading the mails. The welcome screen is the Inbox which we have shown as the first picture on this post. Now if you click on a mail in Geemail, it will look like as below,

geemail4 You can see that the looks and feels is very much similar to Gmail. That why you will feel comfortable using this tool.

Now we will talk about the pros and cons of Geemail,


  1. Fetch the mails very fast (around 2000 mails in 4 minutes), where Google Gears take so much time
  2. Looks and feel is similar to Gmail that makes it easy to use
  3. Get installed on your desktop, that’s why no need to open your browser every time
  4. Download the latest mails whenever you get connected to internet
  5. Browse your Gmail in remote areas where Internet is not available


  1. “Search” option is missing in Geemail. I think this is the main problem with Geemail.
  2. It will download the attachments and Photos in chunks, which means initially it will download the mails and after that when you get connected to Internet will start downloading the attachments.


This tool is helpful for those who travels a lot and need to browse their Gmail in remote areas. If your mailbox if full of email like mine (having around 2500 mails) then you need “Search” option to find the needed one. That facility is not here in Geemail. But if your mailbox is not so bulky then go ahead and use this tool. It will not take much of your system’s memory but provide you a useful option.

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By Sanjeev Mishra

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