google-adsense-logo Google AdSense is one of the most trusted way of money making for bloggers and other publishers. For publishing a Ad thru AdSense, you need to generate a code into AdSense program based on the choice of your ad and then paste that code into your blog.

We have previously discussed about making more money thru Google AdSense program and now today we will update you about getting AdSense code for a particular ad without logging into Google AdSense.

AdSense-Generator is an online application developed by Open Steppe Web & Internet Services, Mongolia thru which one can generate an AdSense code for a particular Ad. Enter you Google AdSense Pub-ID into the Client Number box. Then You need to select the type of Ad and other particulars and he corresponding code will be generated on the same page. Paste that piece of code into your bog and the Ads will be shown thru Google AdSense only. The piece of code is using same JavaScript which is there in Google AdSense. Which means you don’t need to worry of the Ads source.

Screenshot: AdSense-Generator



Screenshot: Generated Code



Problem with this AdSense code generator is that you don’t have option to track this piece of Ad which you can do in Google AdSense window thru different channels. But if you want to place a ad in hurry without logging into AdSense program or incase AdSense program website is not opening then go ahead and generate the code from AdSense Generator.

Video Demo Of AdSense Generator


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