Google Chrome is getting new features day by day and that is what making Chrome the most popular browser. This time, Gmail team has come up with desktop notification for Gmail where you will get notified about new and important emails and new chat while browsing other sites on Chrome. For example, I was browsing Facebook, and suddenly a popup came saying you have got a new message in your Gmail inbox. Similar popup comes for new chat or ongoing conversations as well.

From today on Chrome browser, you must be seeing a notification on Gmail dashboard to enable desktop notification on Gmail. Click on that and allow the browser to do so for Gmail.


Now the desktop notification for your Gmail Chat will be enabled and if you want to enable similar notification for new emails and important emails, you can do so from “Settings” panel on your Gmail dashboard. On Settings panel, scroll down and you will find “Desktop Notification” section where you can enable / disable new emails and chat notifications. Save the changes and continue browsing other sites or doing other work on your chrome browser.


Once your Gmail ID will receive a new mail or chat conversation, you will be notified on your browser at bottom-right side with a cute popup. Here is what I got while browsing my Facebook panel.


This new feature is really good if you are using Gmail ID for important conversations or for important chat. You will not have to keep checking your Gmail window to see the new reply or new emails or new chat initiated by friends and family or from work. 

By Sanjeev Mishra

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