Gmail users can install extension on Google Chrome or add-on on Firefox to see the unread emails count on the browser, but now you can enable a lab in Gmail to get the same on Gmail tab only. You may ask if you can install extensions and add-on to do the same then why this new lab. The answer is very simple that once you will enable the new lab in Gmail, you will see unread emails count on Chrome as well as Firefox. But in case of extensions, you will have to install that separately on each browser. Second benefit is that, whether you are opening Gmail on your home computer or work PC or friend’s Mac system, unread Emails count on Gmail will be visible on every system’s browser.

Gmail shows the unread emails count on the title itself but if you have opened lot many tabs on the browser and only favicons are visible, this lab will help you keep an eye on unread emails count. Or if you have pinned Gmail on Windows 7 task bar, you can see number of unread emails on the favicon appearing on Windows 7 task bar.

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To enable this Gmail Lab, go to the settings panel in Gmail dashboard and then navigate to Labs tab. Search for “Unread Message Icon” term on that page. You can see a lab named as the same term specified in the search panel. Enable that lab and click on “Save Changes”. Now you can see the number of unread emails count on the browser’s tab i.e. beside the favicon of Gmail.


Currently this Gmail lab works on Google Chrome and Firefox browser only.

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