Now you can get your password reset code on your mobile number as a text message or SMS from google.

password_reset_code_on_mobileIn order to activate it go to Change Password Recovery Options on your Google / Gmail account and in the SMS section, select your country and enter your mobile number. Don’t forget to put a tick in the Use this phone number for password recovery via text message checkbox. It would help you when you forget your Gmail password as Google would send you the password reset code in the form of text message on your mobile number entered here.

Read more about the Gmail Password Recovery Options setting here…

If in case you forget your password in future, go to Gmail password assistance page, enter your Gmail account or username and submit the form. Google will send you the password reset code on your mobile along with the link where to enter that code on the screen.

Don’t forget to enable this setting and and get your password reset so quickly ever before, in case you lose some memories!

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