A major upgrade in Google Search as it will start showing real time search results on SERP taken from Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, MySpace, Jaiku and Identi.ca. Company has announced it yesterday and they have also included this feature in Google Trends. Whether this new inclusion on search results pages would have any impact on other search results or the number of search results per page will be reduced etc. etc. will be answered in this post.

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Because of the new feature as Real Time Search Results added in Google Search, there will be a mild impact on number of hits on other organic search results. Impact will be mild because Google is not going to reduce he number of search results per page which is currently ten (10). But now visitors of Googlers will have more option to hit on. I tried the Google rends search where Google has already implemented this new feature, you can see that, most of the time the real time search results are appearing at the bottom side of the result page. So if your site is ranking good on Google SERP, no need to worry about the hits as your results will get more priority than he real time search result.

Now take a look at the advantage of this new feature for Googlers, as they can also get the news like Hudson River accident on Google Search page. People will spend sometime looking at the cool dropdown of real time results showing on google page.

I took a screenshot of real time search result on Google trend page where I searched for Blogging and got results including real time results as “Latest Results" on Blogging”

google_realtime_search This Real Time Search video will explain you this new feature and will help you understand this new feature included on Google Search.

As per the statement from Google,


The new features will be rolling out in the next few days and will be available globally in English. You can try them out today by visiting Google Trends and clicking on a "hot topic," which in most cases will bring you to a search results page with the new real-time feature. 

So wait for couple of days to get this new feature on normal Google Search page. 

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