Google Adsense is no doubt one of the most used and successful monetization platform for a website owner. Proper placement of ads can increase the CTR (Click thru Ratio) for your Blog’s adsense performance, but the most important thing is relevancy of the placed ads which can be optimized by Google Adsense Section targeting. If a visitor comes to your site by searching ‘Mobile Phones’, he may not click on ads placed with some free newsletter of a SEO company. But if he finds an ad with an option to choose ringtones, He/She may consider to give that a try and may signup for their new account in which case you may get $8 – $10 for single click/referral. Here are the details and ‘how to use guide’ for Google Adsense Section Targeting.

adsense Google Adsense Section targeting is a way to provide a route to adsense crawler. By using this technique, you pick a particular section (content) on your blog and tell adsense to show ads based on those content area only. Take it in this way, If your website is having terms like ‘blogging’, ‘feedburner’, ‘sitemap’ etc at many places (footer, sidebar) on your blog, then there is a chance that adsense may show ads based on those keywords, however you have written the article on ‘Mobile Phones’. In that case you can use Google Adsense Section targeting Tag to exclude those parts from adsense crawler and focus on content in the post.

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There are two ways to optimize the Adsense ads with Section Targeting.

Option 1 – Ignore a particular section on your webpage (like Sidebar and Footer)

You can ignore or exclude some parts of your webpage by providing the below mentioned tags. You may use this start tag and en tag in sidebar or footer section of your website to ignore the terms used over three.

Google Adsense eCPM Section Targeting 1 

Note: You may copy this piece of code from here.

Option 2 – Include only Content or Particular Area

This is simplest one. If you want to include only the content section of your website, you may try the below mentioned piece of code.

Google Adsense eCPM Section Targeting 1 

You can create as many sections as you want but the most important thing is to take precaution while adding these tags. You should have god amount of keywords rich content in the included part otherwise Adsense will show PSU (Public Service Units) on ad slots.

According to Adsense Program, you should not manipulate the ad targeting by including some keywords which are not relevant to your site’s content. You should include the content of the post rather than hard-coding some high eCPM keywords and including them only. Here is the note from Adsense TSA,

Important Note: Please keep in mind that this feature should only be used to emphasize significant sections of your site’s relevant content. It is against our program policies to manipulate the ad targeting to result in ads that are not relevant to the content of your pages.

Google Adsense Section Targeting is a legal and officially approved way of routing adsense crawler for increasing the eCPM.

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