So here comes a very simple and hot Freebee from Internet Techies.google_buzz

Download here the PSD file with transparent background Google Buzz Icon. You can use this PSD file to create your own cool Google Buzz icon to share your website articles on Google Buzz. As there is no official button provided from Google for Google Buzz but we have released a plugin to add and start sharing posts thru that. Some people are using the word “Buzz It” and others are using “Buzz This” or “Gbuzzer” etc. That’s why we thought to share a PSD so that you can name the icon whatever you want by changing the text area. Go ahead and start buzzing on Google Buzz.

Please drop by a note what you feel about Google Buzz and also your cool icons.

Also do not forget to check ‘Google Buzz Button Plugin for WordPress’ developed by Internet Techies.

Download Link for the PSD

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