calendar_sm2_en They launched offline Gmail and now Offline Calendar. Google announced that now we can use Google Calendar offline and view the schedules. Initially it was there in Google Apps for business and school but now it is open for everyone.

Again it is Gears which will be used for offline access for calendars. To enable offline Calendar access, sign in to Google Calendar and look for the “Offline Beta” link in the upper right-hand corner of your account, next to your username.


Marketing Pilgrims add that “Yes and no.  I suspect that what Google is doing is just the smart thing in times like these—trying to please as many people as possible with their services.  I’m a daily Google Calendar, Documents, and Gmail user, so I appreciate what they’ve already done in terms of the iGoogle homepage and the mobile applications they offer to allow me to sync everything up with my Blackberry. “

In addition to the offline mode, they have already implemented the “Synch mode for iPhone, Android, windows mobile or blackberry devices”.

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