Google Chrome 11 beta is ready to download or upgrade. It is having new features like Voice-to-Text capability where one can speak on microphone and the browser will recognize the words and type that for the user. Chrome 11 beta is also having a new icon of Chrome. This is really an interesting time in web browser industry where Firefox 4 is released and download more 5 million times in just 24 chrome-11-beta-iconhours of its release which is two time better than Internet Explorer 9 downloads.

The new icon was in news since last few days and finally it is visible on the browser on bottom-left corner of new blank page.

Chrome 11 beta is also having GPU accelerated 3D CSS capability through which web developers can add 3D effects using CSS.

There is no doubt the Chrome 11 is faster than the previous versions. As I am using this beta version since last few hours and the speed response is much better than Chrome 10.

Regarding the Voice-to-Text feature


You can try Voice-to-Text feature on demo page of the Google Chrome. Actually the page is a part of slider and you can use right or left arrow on keyboard to navigate. Regarding the Voice-to-Text feature, it is really goof addition in Chrome browser but the voice recognition in not 100% correct. I don’t know whether there will be any training feature like Dragon Naturally Speaking software. But the feature is nice to have and Google will definitely work on the precision of this new feature in Chrome.

Download Chrome 11 beta

Did you try Chrome 11 beta yet? What is your take on this new version of the browser?

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