Google is working on Chrome Extensions and today they announced that the extension gallery is now open for third party submission. Till now Chrome extensions are available on developer versions only which we had shown you earlier. On developer version, which are the best extensions, we had also shown you that. And now it is going to available for everyone.

Google Chromium team announced that the Chrome Extensions gallery is now open for developer submission. Here is an excerpt from the announcement,


Today, we are getting one step closer to this goal; developers can now upload their extensions to Google Chrome’s extension gallery. We are making the upload flow available early to make sure that developers have the time to publish their extensions ahead of our full launch.

Chrome Extension Gallery

Here is the link for the Chrome Extension gallery where one can submit his/her extensions. Developer of extensions can submit the zip copy of the extension with an icon and screenshots so that users can distinguish them. Review of the extension is fully automated. Some special extensions having scripts to modify the URL will go thru manual review process.

In coming week, Google will open this extension gallery for some trusted testers and after that the gallery will be open for everyone to download and use these extensions.

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