Google Chrome OS is officially announced and planned to release in next year. Google is currently working on the developer version. We got the ‘Chrome OS developer preview built’ and tried to find out the options and features available on Chrome OS. Here are some important points and screenshots of Chrome OS in action. These are exclusive screenshots, so share the link love when copying or mentioning this post in your blog or website.

Google Chrome OS – Dev Built

Chrome OS is amazingly fast. The boot time of this OS is not more than 3 seconds. Then the first screen you will see is labeled as ‘Chromium OS’ asking for your Google ID and Password. Just type your ID (it will take automatically) and then password, the signing up screen will appear.

Important Note – Chrome OS did not take more than 3 seconds to boot

Chrome OS Boot Screen

Chrome OS Boot

Signing In

Chrome OS Signing In

Very First Screen on Chrome OS

The first screen which appears on Chrome OS is again asking for your Google ID and Password so that it will store all your information and data on Google’s Server and show you the same on your screen.

Chrome Os First Screen

Browse Internet without any Issue

Chrome OS is build on Open Source Chromium Platform which is used in Chrome Browser as well. Chrome OS is mainly for Internet Browsing, Transaction, Web Application etc and this all will happen on Chrome browser which is extremely fast in operations.  

Internet Techies on Chrome OS

Internet Techies on Chroem OS

Chrome OS Options

Here are some of the options currently available on Chrome OS. There are not too many options over there but some basic options for an OS,


Bookmark Sync and Extensions are Available

Newly launched bookmark synchronization and Extensions facility is of course a part of Google Chrome OS.

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Chrome OS Wi-Fi Facility, Ethernet and Battery Status

chrome_os_wifi chrome-os-battery

Since I was using Chrome OS on my desktop, he battery portion is showing as 0%. It will work properly on Laptops.

What Next

Since Chrome OS is going to be an Open Source OS and that’s why other distributor will also come into market after the very first release. They might resolve the issues like ‘no option to save data/information on local disk’ and add some other functionalities in Chrome OS. But the best part of Chrome OS is that, it is extremely fast and made for for web addicts.  

Download Google Chrome OS

VirtualBox                Vmware

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