Yes, Google is having country specific domains, for example for India and for UK but you can browse in these countries as well. All you need to do is that click on “Go to” on Search Engine‘s Homepage. If you think the that you just opened at your in non-US country is showing the same result as “” in United States, then take a took at few examples shown in this post. After the recent Farmer update by Google, many webmasters were seeing their contents moved up in SERP at their end (outside US) but drop in traffic. That is because the SERP on outside US is not same as in US. That means what you are seeing on in your country is not the same as what people in US are seeing on SERP for the same keyword. Farmer Update is currently rolled out in US only and that’s why the impact is only on organic traffic coming from US. Here is how you can see real SERP for different queries on US without using any VPN service.

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First of all, I will show you SERP which I opened in India. I tried with keyword “download facebook videos” on which I was getting nice amount of traffic before Farmer Update. On in India (don’t confuse with, the result is coming as below where I can see my site’s content appearing on 4’th position.

<== Click on image to enlarge

Now I added “&gl=us” without quotes at the end of the search URL of which I just performed. I hit the enter and the SERP is very different from the one which I was getting earlier. This time, my site’s content is appearing on 14’th position. And that’s why I lost organic traffic from US for this particular keyword.

<== Click on image to enlarge

Actually Google’s search results depend on so many factors like geographical location, personalized search etc. If you are analyzing the impact of Farmer Update or doing simple traffic analysis, you can use this technique to get SERP as you are in USA. This will also help you check the AdWords campaign on US SERP of Google if you are running the same.

How to get Outside US or in Non-English Country

As &gl=us technique is to get the SERP on same as you are browsing in US. If you are opening Google in a non-english country, that will redirect to the local google page. That will throw you results specific from that country and in that language. To open in that country, you should type in the address bar. That will open in that country. Now you can use “&gl=us” technique explained above to get the search results same as you have opened the site in US.

I hope this technique will help you in doing better analysis on traffic from Google US. Post your queries and concerns through comments.

Note: Similarly you can add “&gl=uk” in search result URL to get SERP as you are opening in UK.

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