Google unveiled Instant Pages which will make search process faster than before. Browser is going to pre-render the websites which are most likely to get clicked on search result page and will load the rendered webpage in no time. This way the user will see the final website loaded in less than 1 second. Currently, the Instant Pages is working on Google Chrome dev version which is available to download. Instant Pages is expected to come in stable version of Chrome in next few weeks.

Google has implemented more than 200 algorithm signals to find out the relevancy of you search query and the expected link which you are going to click on search result page. Google will pre-render only those pages that they think you are going to click. What if you click on some other links on search result? Then you will open the website which Google has not pre-rendered and that website will take normal load time. That’s fine, we are ready to pay for the internet usage required to open a site which we like to open. But We don’t want to pay for the internet usage charges for websites which we never opened but Google pre-rendered that in browser cache.

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]Actually Instant Pages is not a Google feature but a browser feature and in this case it is Chrome. I always say that Chrome is much much faster than other browsers in market and this Instant Pages feature will reduce the search process and website opening time. But the only problem is if Google’s algorithm of pre-rendering a link goes wrong, the limited internet download plan holders are going to pay more. I mean, whether you open the website or not, your browser is going to pre-render the complete website i.e. HTML, CSS and even the JavaScripts without your permission. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will charge you for the pre-rendered pages as well. If you are having unlimited download plan without any FUP or Cap, then this small pre-render (or download) of website is not going to affect. But if you are on limited download connection (specially in wireless plans or special Internet cards in hotels), and Google pre-renders a bulky website, then that will definitely going to cost you.

As Google Chrome is an open source application, developers are definitely going to build this kind of functionality for other browsers like Firefox. If you are on limited download plan of Internet, then use this feature carefully.

How To Deactivate “Instant Pages” on Chrome

If you don’t want to have “Instant Pages” feature on Chrome, you can disable that from settings page. Go to the Settings ==> Options, under “Basics” you will a check-box in Search section saying “Enable Instant for Faster Searching and Browsing”. Uncheck that box to disable the Instant Pages feature in Google Chrome.

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