In webmaster world, Google PageRank is an important factor in measuring the strength of a webpage. Time to time, Google allocate or update the PageRank of webpages as a number between 0 to 10 where 10 is for most popular webpage. It is another story that in year 2010, Google updated the PageRank in April and after that it didn’t happen yet. We all are awaiting for the Google PR update. google-pagerank-licenseAnyways, here is another story where it is found that PageRank is a patent owned by Stanford University and will expire in 2017. Google hold a one time paid license of this patent and in 2003, the exclusivity license was extended till 2011. After that period, Google’s exclusivity on PageRank will expire and license will become non-exclusive. What does that mean?

First of all here is the reference document where these things are mentioned. Search for “Table of Contents” in that document, and you will see details about the PageRank license and patent. Here is what is written in that document in this reference,

The first version of the PageRank technology was created while Larry and Sergey attended Stanford University, which owns a patent to PageRank. The PageRank patent expires in 2017. We hold a perpetual license to this patent. In October 2003, we extended our exclusivity period to this patent through 2011, at which point our license will become non-exclusive.

As exclusivity of PageRank license owned by Google is about to expire in 2011, it may mean that PageRank technology can be used by others after that period. As the patent expires in 2017, and it is owned by Stanford University where Google’s founders Larry and Sergey studied, it is hard to believe that they will not renew (if they want) the patent after that period. Regarding the exclusivity period, as they did in 2003, they can renew that license again in 2011 and own the exclusive rights for this technology.

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About PageRank Update

Matt Cutts, official spokesman and engineer of Google handling webmaster and SEO related stuff told once that Google PageRank is a number which we provide or update for reference. What benefits you think of getting after the PR update, you start getting once your site gets quality backlinks. That means, you don’t need to worry about PR update as it happens on some interval when Google team gets some time out of their critical tasks. As this year, Google launched Android and Chrome Web Store, Chrome OS and so many other applications and team is very much busy in improving the interface of their existing products as they did for Google AdSense, Feedburner, Webmaster Tool etc. It is expected that Google will run the PageRank update in January 2011, but we should leave that behind and keep writing good stuff on our website or blog.

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