In year 2007, Google hired 6,000 new employees and according to the recent reports, Google is going to hire 6,200 new folks in year 2011. This way Google is going to make 2011 the biggest hiring year ever in the history of this company. As other web companies like Yahoo are announcing job cuts, this news from Google will definitely give hope to folks interested to work in this sector.

google-help-wantedAccording to the latest update from Google on official blog, In 2010, Google added 4,500 Googlers mainly in engineering and sales department and this was second highest hiring since year 2007. Google didn’t reveal the number of new Googlers they are going to hire in 2011 but as per the report from Associate Press, Google is going to hire 6,200 new Googlers this year to make 2011 the highest hiring year ever.

AP also reported that US President Barack Obama is expected to welcome this announcement from Google in Sate of Union address Tuesday night. By the end of year 2010, Google was having 24,400 Googlers and this number will grow by 25%, if 6,200 more Googlers will be added this year.

Still it is not clear that the how the new hiring will be distributed in different geographical locations, but one can hope to see new Googlers wherever Google’s offices are. You can follow Google Jobs on Twitter to get more updates: @googlejobs

By Sanjeev Mishra

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