google-calculatorWe know WolframAlpha is much powerful search box to do calculations but we open google more than any other search box. For simple calculations, we can use Google Search box or type the mathematical calculation on Google Chrome address bar to get results. To do that, you need to type the query in special format to get proper result on Search result page. Here are some examples to get mathematical calculation results on Google Search Result page. This way you can use Google as a calculator as well.

Mathematical Calculations on Google

Type 24 + 54 + 68 – 34 * 9 / 8

Now Google will format this query by arranging the multiplication and division operators in small brackets for correct calculation. Here is the SERP of Google for this query:


Similarly you can type 88% of 2000

It will find the correct amount corresponding to the 88 percentage of 2,000. Here is the SERP for this query,


Convert Units and Currency: type 1000 USD in INR


You can always find the current currency exchange rate on Google by just typing the two currencies in this format. For example, USD to INR will let you know the current exchange rate for 1 US dollar into Indian Rupee.

Find the “Raise to Power” for any number, for example 3 ^ 5

Type 3^5 or 3**5 to get the result for 3 raise to power 5. Here is the SERP on Google for this query,


These simple calculations can be done from Google Search box by typing these queries and this way you can use Google as a Calculator for your daily usage. Find more calculations related queries on “Google Calculator” feature page.

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