Google and other search engines are working hard to make their search results page spam free. Now a days there are so many content farm sites which hosts duplicate or copied contents. Actually these contents are not helpful for normal users. The final goal of a search engine to list useful sites to user for a searched keyword. In that effort, Google has launched a Chrome extension named “Personal Blocklist” to block or remove spam or content farm like domains and sites from search result page.

personal blocklist extension

Once you will install this Chrome extension on your Google Chrome browser, a new link will start appearing just below the each search result appearing on Google SERP. If you find that particular website is appearing for your normal keywords and is not having useful information but is a spam site, you can click on the link saying “Block site name / domain “. Then onwards, that particular link will not appear on search results performed by you on Chrome installed on that computer.


You can check the list of domains blocked by you using this extension by just clicking on the “Personal Blocklist” extension icon appearing near to the address bar. You can unblock any specific domain from that list as well.

This extension is released in an effort to make Google more useful and spam free. If a particular website or domain will be reported by multiple users for content farming or for spamming, Google team will manually verify that and may take action on that domain by not showing that in regular search results as well. That means, they will remove that domain from index.

As search engines are becoming smarter everyday to make our life much easier and this is a welcome initiative from search engine market leader. What do you think about this new extension by Google? Do you face the content farm or spam site issue in your daily search on Google or other search engines? Share your thoughts through comments section.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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