Google is showing latest match results, standings, schedule for upcoming matches of FIFA World Cup 2010 on the Search Result page. Try searching for the keyword “fifa world cup 2010” on Google Search, the result page’s upper section will show you the results for recent matches and upcoming matches for next two days.

Best part of FIFA World Cup details on Google Search Result page is that, it shows timing for the matches in your time zone. For example, if you are hitting the keyword “fifa world cup 2010” on Google India, it will show you the schedule time for match in IST (Indian Standard Time) but if you will try the same keyword on then you will see “Standard South African Time” for upcoming matches.  

Google already celebrated the kickoff day with awesome doodle for World Cup and now it is showing match details on search result page. Social Media giant Twitter is also promoting FIFA World Cup 2010 thru a dedicated page with tweets about World Cup. Everyone is singing “Waka Waka – This Time for Africa” this time and everyone is just waiting for their favorite team’s game. 

Google Search Result Showing FIFA World Cup Details

fifa world cup google

There are lot many ways to watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Live Online on different websites. Some of them are official partners and some of them are telecasting it unofficially. For Twitter updates about the world cup, checkout the hash (#) tag #worldcup on twitter.

Google is showing the buzz of FIFA World Cup 2010 in a very simple and clean way. So if you are having very limited connection, then go ahead and try that keyword in Google to see the latest updated about FIFA World Cup matches.

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