Google has roll out the “Google Shared Spaces” – a custom space creation platform with Google Wave collaboration gadgets and a chat box. This new products is using the earlier released but not that much successful Google Wave technology.

Users will be allowed to create a separate space with gadgets from categories like Productivity, Games, Planning, Polls etc. There are approximately 50 Wave gadgets available right now, and Google Shared Space is expected to use those. Other than that, there will be one chat box for communication in a particular space.

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You can create any number of space and just share the URL of the space to let others join you over there. You can share the shared space URL on Twitter, Facebook as well.

Right now “Google Shared Space” is not open for everyone, and Google didn’t reveal much on that. We will update this post, once we get something on that front.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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