Google has unveiled Google TV as per the schedule in their Google I/O conference in San Francisco. There were lot many rumors going on on Web but now most of things are clear. Technical side of Google TV and even the release timelines and development initialization are more clear now. Here are some important updates about Google TV.

Google TV 

Important Updates on Google TV

1. Bandwidth of connection depends upon the content you are opening on Google TV.  But recommended connection is 3Mbps or higher for good performance.

2. Android based phones can be used to control Google TV

3. Android 2.1 with Chrome browser in Google TV

4. Android Apps can be downloaded and installed on Google TV

5. Google TV integrates with Sony Playstation

5. Sony Television set will have integrated hardware set but for other TV set, a separate hardware is required

6. Google TV will be available in US by end of year 2010

7. Developers can start working on Google TV project from today only

8. Google TV API expected to be available by early 2011

9. Google TV in International market by 2011

10. By Summer 2011, Google TV will be Open Source

Introduction Video – Google TV

What will be the price of Google TV set? Questions related to prices and availability in store is yet to be answered. We are also waiting for the same and will update you after getting something concrete in this regard.

Regarding the 3Mbps connection, developed countries are having lot many service providers with 3 Mbps connections. In fact developing countries like India are having such fast broadband connection option. In India, Airtel is offering 4 Mbps connection for unlimited data usage at a price of Rs. 899/- (Impatience 899). This much connection speed should be sufficient for Google TV. Prices for broadband services are expected to down in next few months as government is planning to provide Broadband services at lower cost.

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