Now every time you give your business card to anyone, no need to specify Home, Office or Personal Mobile number. All comes under one roof, like an OpenId or Google account for your phone numbers.

Yes, it is a “Google number”, a single contact number to ring you on any of your phones or handsets that you wish. Your Google number would always remain the same, no matter you change the city or state or you change your mobile number or mobile service provider. In case you change any of your numbers, you just have to delete and add a new number on your Google Voice settings page.

This really sounds very enchanting to me as I would never have to send SMS to all my contacts and friends saying that “This is my new number”. It would really save losing contact numbers due to phone number change. This is just a single feature of Google voice! There are lot many that you cannot resist having your own Google number and reprinting your business card for a good reason.

Google Voice featuresYou can ask the callers to tell their names before you actually lift their call, you can block disturbing numbers and you can never land up to missed calls from your dear ones or from some very important business dealer. This is because you have a control on shifting your calls from office number to home number or to your mobile or get them to all numbers by changing a single setting on your Google Voice settings page.

And voicemails are now readable in the form of transcripts automatically generated for you. You can also embed the voicemails or recorded calls in your website or blogs or save them and do lot more. The most important thing is, you have a full control over your phone calls, your response to the calls and managing your contacts. It is a very bad news for handset companies, as they have got a strong competitor in providing attractive and useful features.

I could list very few Google Voice features in the above illustration. If you too wish to know everything about Google Voice there are very short and sweet videos at Google Voice website.

Google voice is a very very decent platform put in a Google way after Google acquired GrandCentral. Its simplicity and resemblance to all other Google services like Gmail, Google docs, Google Search etc. makes user to learn it in no time. I liked the options that they provide. I hope, I get a chance to use it as currently the service is only restricted to US. I am waiting very eagerly to get a chance to go Google with my own Google number! 

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