Earlier we had talked about Google Voice and its features. Yes, Google Voice enables you to skip any missed call and manage only one contact number for your life. Till now Google Voice is only available in U.S. and only available thru invitation. Now Google has decided to give priority to the Students for providing the invitation. If you are a student living in United States and having an email ID with domain as .edu then submit your email ID at the address provided below and get the invitation within next 24 hours.

Google Voice Students Invitation


As per the announcement from Google,

Google Voice is currently only available by invite, a lot of students are still listening to voicemail and sending text messages the old-fashioned way. As a recent college graduate, I can’t think of anything more painful! So starting today, we’ll be giving priority Google Voice invites to students. To get an invite, just visit google.com/voice/students and enter an email address that that ends in .edu

Students, Go get your Google Invitation to something new and something innovative from Google.

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