We search for information related to our favorite film star or other celebrities. If you want to know physical height of your favorite Hollywood star, Popular person, Favorite Celebrity then you can directly find the answer on Google Search Result Page (SERP). Google is having techniques to perform mathematical operations on search page or other hidden features, but this one is definitely the best for those always compare themselves with their favorite stars or are trying to become like them (source of inspiration).

I was interested in knowing the height of current President of United States i.e. Mr. Barack Obama. I know he is a tall man, but was not sure about the exact number. I searched with keyword “barack obama height” on Google and here is the answer.


Yes, Mr. Barack Obama is 6’ 1” tall and the result is even confirmed by Wikipedia.

You can try searching other keywords like “britney spears height” or your favorite Bollywood stars like “amitabh bachchan height” and find their physical height on Google Search Result page.

Height of Pop Singer Britney Spars


Height of Bollywood Star – Amitabh Bachchan


Google is taking most of the data from Celebheights.com, Imdb, answers.com and other web sources. I tried the similar keyword for weight as well but didn’t find this kind of result for the same. Did you find this search tip helpful for finding correct height of your favorite celebrities.

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