I am using Gmail for email communication since a long time but I was missing email scheduling over there. As there is no default option in Gmail to schedule an email for future date and time but now using Boomerang, you can schedule email on Gmail and do many more thing as well. Boomerang for Gmail is an extension for Google Chrome and ad-on for Mozilla Firefox which enables users to schedule emails on Gmail for future date to send that later. Yes, you don’t need to be online at that time when email is supposed to deliver (I mean this is what scheduling means).

gmail email scheduling

Security: As Boomerang is delivering your emails, you will think about data security. There is no security lapse in using Boomerang as it only takes the header section of your email i.e. sender ID, subject, date and time to deliver the mail. It doesn’t save body content on its server, so you don’t need to worry about the security.

Currently Boomerang extension is available on invitation only. You can use below link where I have already put one invitation code in URL “b4gbeta” so it will not ask you for invitation code. If that invitation code doesn’t work, you can check Twitter Search to get another invitation code.

Download Boomerang Extension for Gmail for Chrome or Firefox

Once you will install this extension on Chrome, you can see a new link “Manage Boomerang” on your email dashboard. Here are some screenshots showing how you can schedule emails on Gmail using Boomerang extension.

How does Boomerang schedule emails on Gmail?

1. Open a new message editing window by clicking on “Compose Email”. There you can see a new drop down button with text “Send Later”.

boomerang option

2. Write something in the body area and provide subject, recipient address. Now click on Save button to save the message as draft. After that you can use “Send Later” button to schedule the email. For scheduling, email message should be present in the draft. Under “Send Later” button, you can see following options,

boomerang options for scheduling Send Message

1. At a specific time

2. In 1 hour

3. In 2 hours

4. In 4 hours

5. Tomorrow Morning

6. Tomorrow Afternoon

7. In 2 days

8. In 4 days

9. In 1 week

10. In 1 month

11. Random Time

Choose any option as per your convenience and schedule the email message for that time period.

boomerang schedule on gmail

Important: Boomerang works on normal Gmail account as well as Google Apps custom Gmail account. If you are using Google Apps Gmail, then also you can schedule emails thru this extension.

By using Boomerang, you can control the receiving of emails as well. When do you want messages to appear in Inbox. You can also add “Stars” for particular messages for attention. Google Priority Inbox is there for filtering important messages but that option is not yet available in Google Apps Emails. So you can use Boomerang over there.

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