Sometimes we want to show the latest feed from a favourite blog to our own blog. In case you are having more than one blog or forum and want to show the latest posts or thread to another one, then here is the most trusted solution for this scenario and you will definitely get an idea on how to show the latest feed from other blogs.


We have already discussed about how to add blog feed in Facebook, You can go thru that as well.

Google Dynamic Feed Control Wizard will help you in showing the latest posts. Once you will open the Dynamic feed wizard, it will ask for the Feeds Expressions which is nothing but you can put the title of the feed. For example, Feed title of Internet Techies is “Internet Techies Technology Blog”. You can find the feed title of any blog by just hitting their feed page. You can also try the domain name in Feed Expression. After that, Google will try to get the feed address of the blog and will retrieve the latest posts successfully.


On the Index page of Internet Techies, I am showing the latest thread from the Internet Techies Forum by using Google Dynamic Feed Wizard. The look of that final output is as simple as Google but that is sufficient for technology blog as we always prefer clarity. There are options for showing the feed in different manner. You can chose Vertical, Vertical Stacked or Horizontal to look to show your feed. These feeds are really good for reducing the bounce rate on the blog.

Comparison Of Feed List Generated from Google Dynamic Feed Wizard and Feedburner’s Buzz Boost Feed,



Another way of showing the latest feed is thru Buzz Boost feature available in Feedburner. You can create a feed for any blog of forum using Feedburner and then use the Buzz Boost feature to show the latest feed from there. Those who are regular on Internet Techies, may recall the older “Internet Techies Forum” feed on home page, that was using Buzz Boost. Buzz Boost is available under “Publicize” tab of Feedburner. Now activate the Buzz Boost on Feedburner to get the feed code.

There are lot many other applications available on Internet which create a Java Scripts for a feed and then you can use that Java Script to show the feed, but the most trusted place to do that is Google Dynamic feed Control Wizard. As Google Server is really faster, your script will not take too much time.

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