Google has just released the beta version of Google Chrome as version 4. In previous versions of Google Chrome, there as a drop down menu to clear the browsing data, cache, passwords, cookies etc but in the new beta, that option menu is missing. If you need to clear the browsing data on new Google Chrome, then you can do that using any of the below options.


How to Clear Browsing Data like Cache, Cookies etc,

Option – 1

  1. Go to the “Customize and Control” menu on Google Chrome
  2. Click on “Options” tab over there
  3. On Google Chrome Options windows, go to the “Personal Stuff” tab
  4. Under “Browsing Data” option, Click on “Clear browsing data” to clear cache, cookies, password stored in last certain period of time or select “Everything” to clear data for entire period.

Google Chrome Options

Option – 2

Use Google Chrome Shortcut Keys to get the “Clear Browsing Data Window”. Shortcut key combination to do that is “CTRL+SHIFT+DEL”. Now choose options, time period and then clear the data.

Google Chrome Clear Data Window

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