Conference call is officially not provided by Google in Gtalk but you can do that by completing the following simple steps.

Step I -> Install Gtalk on your machine.

Step II -> Go to the Start / Programs / Google Talk. Explore the Google Talk folder from there by right clicking your mouse and choose explore.


Step III -> now right click on the Google Talk shortcut and click on the Create Shortcut.

Step IV -> Another shortcut will appear on your screen as below:


Step V -> Right click on the “Google Talk (2)” and go into the properties section from the menu.

Step VI -> Change the term “startmenu” to “nomutex” as below in the second instance of google talk i.e. Google Talk (2):

clip_image005 clip_image007

Step VII -> Perform this activity on each computer which are going to be the part of conference. This activity will not take more than 2-3 minutes.

Step VIII -> Now each user is having two instances of Google Talk on their system. One is “Google Talk” and another is “Google Talk (2)”. Treat both as two different Google Talk on your system.

Step IX -> Each user login to both the instances with their own google ID. For example: If user 1’s id is [email protected] then he should login to both google talk instances with this id.

Step X -> Now user 1 will call user 2 by one instance of google talk. User 2 will call User 3 by second instance of User 2 (i.e. Google Talk (2) ). User 3 will call User 1 by using second instance. This will create a chain as below:

Now your Google Talk conference has been setup and now you can enjoy the conference with your office colleagues or friends.

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