google_latitude Google Latitude is already launched and creating a buzz too. Here we will talk about the usage and compatibility of Google Latitude. Below are some basic points related to the same which will guide you to use Google Latitude and will also let you know the technology behind it.

Who all can use the Google Latitude?

If you have a mobile device that supports Google Maps for Mobile v3.0, you can use the Google Latitude on your phone. Like Android powered devices with Map 3.0, Windows Mobile 5, Blackberry, Nokia Map mobile (all N-Series), Symbian S60 OS mobiles.

How to install Google Latitude?

If you have Google Map 3.0 on your phone then go ahead and install Google Latitude. PC users can install the gadget by starting from the Google Latitude site.

How does Google Latitude get our location?

It uses GPS, Cell Towers or Wi-Fi access points to locate your phone so that it can locate you.

What is the technology behind this?

Latitude can use any of the three kinds of signals — Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G mobile or GPS satellite — that a device can pick up to work out its location. It is a software to combine all the data which it is getting from al around and then locate everyone.It positions people with an accuracy of 10 – 20 meters.

The below attached youtube video will introduce you with the google latitude and its feature.

There are so many thing which you can do on Google Latitude and get benefited in your business as well as social life with your friends and family.

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