Traffic analysis thru Google Analytics is awesome. Dashboard of Analytics shows daily traffic like pageviews and visits but if you want to check hourly traffic then you need to follow the below steps to get the same. Hourly traffic analysis helps webmasters and site owners to see at what hours his or her site is getting maximum traffic and at what hours he or she should focus much.

Google Analytics Hourly Traffic Stat

To see the traffic on site on different hours of a particular day, go to the “Visitor Trending” under “Visitor” section on left panel of your Google Analytics account. Under “Visitor Trending” section, you can click on “Visits” or “Pageviews” to check hourly stat. Once you click on any of these links, by default it will show you graph on “Day” basis. Now you can select “Graph by” as “Hour” to check hourly traffic for a day or more. If you select a range of date, then it will show you the trend for that range on hour basis. This will definitely help you in many ways. Below the graph, you can see the percentage of total traffic coming up on your site in a particular hour of a day or month or year.

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Hourly Traffic trend on Google Analytics

hourly traffic analytics

Sitemeter shows current day traffic on hour basis by clicking on “Current Day” section on left panel but if you only using Google Analytics then go ahead and check traffic on different hours ob Analytics. If you are using Google Adsense for monetization then you should definitely integrate Adsense and Analytics for better analysis of CTR, eCPM etc.

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