Lot many webmasters, bloggers and site owners are using Google Adsense as their primary source of monetization. If you are one of them and have selected the payment type as “Standard Delivery Check” then you can track your check from Google which comes thru Blue Dart courier service. In India, checks comes from Google, Hyderabad office and it takes about 6 – 7 days to reach to the destination. You can read the full schedule of Adsense check delivery in India when your check get released from Google after reaching $100 of minimum limit. But here I will show you how to track your issued check on Blue Dart system.

Google Adsense When your payment gets issued from Google, a notification will appear in “My Account ==> Payment History” section of your adsense account dashboard. The description would be “Payment Issued” after payment for that month would be issues (around 25’th of that month). Beside that, you can see a link as “details”. Click on that link and then it will show you the details like currency conversion rate, payment release date, Amount in both currencies like USD and INR and Payment Number. Take the payment number from there and then go to the Blue Dart Tracking page. Now paste the payment number (without initial zeroes if any) taken from adsense. Select “Ref No” from the options above the input box on Blue Dart tracking page. As it takes around 3 – 4 days for Blue Dart to update their system after payment issues date on Adsense. So if the payment issue date on Adsense is 27’th April then Blue Dart system will be updated by 1’st or 2’nd May.

Blue Dart Tracking Page for Google Adsense Check

Enter “Ref No. without initial zeroes in the input box on left side of Blue Dart page. Select “Ref no” from the radio button option on the same page and click “Go”.

Google Adsense Standard Check Tracking

On Blue Dart Tracking system, you can see the Waybill No which will help in getting more information from local Blue Dart office in your city. You can also see the location or area in which your check is there right now. Go ahead and find the Blue Dart office in that area and make a call to them to know the more accurate status. But as you can see, Blue Dart also shows “expected date of delivery”. So it is advised to wait till that date and if nothing happens then make calls to them. 

There you can see different statuses like,

In Transit (Await Delivery Information) which means it is with courier company

Delivered and Signed by which means check is delivered to its destination  

Number of Bloggers and site owners in India are growing day by day and most of them are using Google Adsense for monetization. I hope this detailed adsense check tracking tutorial will help you guys in tracking and knowing the exact location of your check. You can talk to your courier guy to get your check delivered while you are at home or you can call them to deliver the same at your convenient time.    

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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