When we try to copy paste any image or photo in Gmail, we cannot paste it. In normal cases we have to send that image or picture file as an attachment with the mail. In order to directly insert image in your message body, you need to enable one Gmail lab feature named ‘Inserting Images’ by Kent T. If you are new to Gmail, you can find labs at top right corner of your Gmail panel with a icon like a ‘green’ laboratory flask 🙂

Find the ‘Inserting Images’ lab feature there

inserting_images_gmail Enable this feature and click ‘Save Changes’. Now when you compose a new mail or reply to or forward your mails, on the write panel editor


You can add images from your computer or from any Web address or URL.

Once you insert an image you get an option to choose the size of image to display in the mail i.e. Small, Medium, Large or Original. The images are properly resized in proportion without losing the quality 🙂 It is a very nice lab feature I feel and very useful too. You also get an option to remove the image from the mail. After removal, the image is still preserved in a temporary memory, so that you can insert that image in your mail at any later moment before you close that tab or window or send the mail.

One issue, it says that if you have Gmail ‘Offline’ settings enabled on the computer (to access your mails later on the computer when you don’t have internet connection), then the ‘Inserting Image’ lab feature will not work. I don’t use the offline settings, but if you do that then this feature may not work for you. For offline Gmail management you can read more about Geemail application here.

So, in short it is a very good lab feature, I desperately needed that.

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